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The Ultimedia project

Ultimedia GNU/Linux OS is a Debian derivative and open source distribution. The first version of Ultimedia Linux was forked from a Debian 6.0 (Squeeze) release. Currently supported are x86 architectures but one goal is to support amd64 and powerpc architectures too. Every package downloaded from the Ultimedia repository is full Debian compliant and could be mixed with third party distributions like Debian Squeeze.

Ultimedia GNU/Linux aims to be full redistributable and tries to provide best multimedia integrations for modern and older hardware. Ultimedia also aims to be a totally uncomercial project, which means that Ultimedia will never be backed by a company, it's backed by the linux community and it's users.

The UltimediaOS history

The first goal of UltimediaOS was to improve embedded architectures for multimedia managment systems, which brought up the question to distribute Linux as well. Ultimedia Linux was first builded like a simple LFS Linux and we implemented the DPKG and APT package to install only modified binary packages. A main problem was the leaking distribution of sources, which was impossible in the LFS environement without unmodified Debian buildtools, but this would reinvent the wheel totally. So the project aims and concepts changed. After many experience times with the LFS Linux and Debian, it was a descision to start forking the Debian distribution, which provides all needed features the Ultimedia project aims on. Many reasons make Debian the prefered operating system for the Ultimedia project. One of them is the wide range and itegrity of distributed software packages and also the wide and open community of Debian users and developers.

Contributors: we need you

If you want to be an important part of a new Linux distribution and community, maybe you're so cool to support the Ultimedia project:

  • We always need more space. Webspace or a mirror for the growing ammount of incomming packages (support of 64bit architectures)
  • Uploaders and/or new maintainers which are able to help building nice improvements for UltimediaOS
  • General improvements of Ultimedia GNU/Linux
  • With your modification of a Debian package or a patch
  • By becoming a partner or sponsor website
  • By publishing and developing your open source projects (you can build up your project under the UltimediaForge umbrellal)
  • While get in touch on the official IRC channel: #ultimedia (or #ultimedia)

The Ultimedia Archive

Repository: Ultimedia GNU/Linux OS
Label: Ultimedia
Suite: unstable
Codename: blade
Version: 1.0.2
Updates: blade/updates
Proposed Updates: blade-proposed-updates
Archive-HTTP: http://packages.ultimedia-linux.org/ultimedia/
Archive-HTTP-Alias: http://packages.ultimediaos.com/ultimedia/
Archive-FTP: ftp://ftp.ultimedia-linux.org/ultimedia/
Archive-FTP-Alias: ftp://ftp.ultimediaos.com/ultimedia/
Archive-HTTP-FTP: http://ftp.ultimediaos.com/ultimedia/
Components: main contrib non-free
Signed with key: EDA95766

Ultimedia GNU/Linux is available in the flavours gnome2-Desktop or xfce4-Desktop and installable with the official Ultimedia NETINSTALL CDs.

See the Debian Documentation how to install a Debian based system via debootstrap.

Latest News


UltimediaOS 1.0.2 (Blade) installer available now

We are proud to announce the release of the first Ultimedia GNU/Linux OS 1.0.2 network installer for x86 machines. The installer is available with two different desktop environments. [more]

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The Ultimedia project joins the DebianCensus

The Ultimedia project is pleased to announce joining the Debian Derivatives Census.[more]

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